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For children with Downs Syndrome, we provide Individualized Attention, Properly Charted Plan of Action, Regular Follow-Ups for Monitoring Progress, Guidebook to Map & Visualize the Next Steps and….. our Unwavering Commitment to Help Your Child!

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Our treatment for downs syndrome, using herbal nutrient supplement - DS Care, has positively impacted lives of many

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Dr. Sunil Kumar Gupta Jaipur

  • One-of-its-kind, DS Care combines knowledge from both Modern Medicine & Ayurveda
  • DS Care, restores activity in brain cells by enhancing Cerebral Perfusion
  • Treatment is driven by Work Plan (including diet) with uniquely crafted
  • The treatment is Clinically Tested, Scientifically Proven & FSSAI Certified




Dr. Sunil Kumar Gupta Jaipur

Actual BRAIN SCAN of child with
Downs Syndrome

  • SPECT Brain Scan, test to measure brain activity, proved improvements in treated children after using DS Care
  • Learning capability & general development of treated children improved significantly
  • Children got self reliant & confident
  • Treatment has no side-effects, as DS Care is herbal in nature and is supplemented by yoga & training


Dr. Sunil Kumar Gupta Jaipur


a revolutionary

Herbal Nutritional Supplement

DS Care - Herbal Nutritional Supplement for Downs Syndrome
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Steps taken before or during pregnancy can create huge difference in yours & your child's life, and we have an experience of 30 years and hundreds of cases of Downs Syndrome

  • Affecting ~29,000 children born in India every year (1:1000 to 1:750), Downs Syndrome is one of the most common, but least known genetic disorder.

  • To help parents/aspiring parents understand how this disorder can impact them, we have a highly qualified team of specialised doctors who provide the service of Downs Syndrome Consultation.

Downs Syndrome Consultation

a focused and specialised guidance on Downs Syndrome for children

DS Care - Herbal Nutritional Supplement for Downs Syndrome

DS Specialist counsels aspiring parents understand factors causing Downs Syndrome:

  • Advanced mother’s age
  • Previously affected child and lesser known factors such as:
  • Paternal & Maternal Genetics
  • Genetic Translocation
  • Folate Metabolism
  • Epigenetic & Lifestyle

Genetic Counsellor advises on Prenatal Screening & Tests for:

  • Diagnosis in early weeks of pregnancy
  • Options available, following a diagnosis

Paediatric Genetic Counsellor helps parents understand:

  • Treatment & Adaptation required for raising a special-needs child
  • Quality of life & future possible for the child,
  • All queries of parents

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Dr. Sunil Kumar

Lead Doctor & Chief Scientist

M.B.B.S., M.D. (Paediatrics) Child Specialist, Ph.D. (Environmental Science), N.D.D.Y. (Diploma in Naturopathy & Yoga)

As successful Paediatric Child Specialist since last 35 years, in his initial years of practice, Dr. Gupta often came across children with Downs Syndrome and their parents struggling to find the right guidance and treatment. This motivated him to research for an effective & structured treatment with setting up his team as AAY Formulations. Scientifically proven, his treatment is steps ahead of current research and therapies prescribed for Downs Syndrome, in its effectiveness. Over last 30 years he has dedicated his life in treating children with Downs Syndrome and other mental disorders, generally perceived as untreatable.

Dr. Gupta is a Specialist at interdisciplinary work combining Allopathy, Ayurveda & Yoga and has done many research project for the State & Central Government of India, and International Organisations like DST, CSIR, NEERI, UNICEF etc. He has many national & international publications and newspaper articles to his name, among other accolades.


Glimpse of the difference we made in the past few decades.


We got to know about Dr. Gupta, through our well wishers who showed a lot of confidence in his treatment. Hence we went ahead with Dr. Gupta's treatment and started seeing positive effects on our son, Shardendu within a span of 3 months.
In few years, along with the improvements from DS Care, Shardendu took training in playing tabla - an art which he has mastered now. We hope for and dream of a bright future for our son. He is now equipped to live almost a normal and independent life.

-Shardendu's Father
Our daughter, Radhika is a God sent spark of light and happiness in our lives. Dr. Sunil’s treatment has helped her to not just live up to her full potential but also push her boundaries to become better. We followed the prescribed work plan, diet and DS Care dose. Radhika's response to the treatment and improvements were phenomenal. Her gross and fine motor skills improved, attention span increased and she became more independent. Over the years she took training in performing Bharatanatyam and today she has given numerous stage performance in her school and on other platforms.

-Radhika's Mother

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We are here to assist. Contact us by Phone, WhatsApp or Email.